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Trading Idea

The strategy of this Wikifolio is to represent the largest part of the world's economy and thus to profit from its long-term growth. The portfolio should be as diverse as possible through two or more broadly diversified indices and funds, such as the MSCI World and the MSCI Emerging Markets. In theory, the MSCI World Index alone covers most of the world's economy, but it does not include a lot of indices from emerging markets and has a high proportion of its weighting in the USA. For this reason I use the MSCI EM to rebalance this lack of diversification. By the time of its publications this Wikifolio will only use these two indices a proportion of 75% MSCI World and 25% MSCI EM. If one index outperforms the other too much, I'll restore the same weighting that I had by the beginning of each month.In the future I could very well imagine to slowly restructure this wikifolio in a way like the investment banker and author Gerd Kommer recommended in his book "Sovereign belongings with index funds and ETFs",With th goal of even better diversification while still looking for good returns. For the time being, however, it is above all important that the stubborn buy & hold strategy is the primary rule for this wikifolio, which means that no shares, none for the purpose of realignment, not even in times of crisis will be sold except for better diversification. The expected annual return of the Wikifolio is 5-8%. show more

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