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Trading Idea

Q4 2021/Q1 2022 will go down in history as the moment Crypto made its final push into the financial mainstream. It has become clear that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the best macro trades available in the history of financial markets - that view is at the core of this Wikifolio.

The Internet had seen a previously unprecedented speed of mass adoption in previous decades, and its exponential growth can be neatly modeled with Metcalfe's Law. The same is true for Bitcoin as a financial Network, except that its mainstream adoption is even quicker.

Ethereum is several years younger and has seen even quicker adoption than Bitcoin. Far from being a rival it's best seen as a platform that will provide much of the financial infrastructure of the future. Its adoption growth is currently very similar to that of Bitcoin in 2017 and every bit as explosive.

Similarly new networks like Solana see even quicker adoption, likewise easily explained through the lense of Metcalfe's Law. Solana currently closely tracks Ethereums exponential network growth in 2017.

The thesis of this Wikifolio is that exponential network growth is necessarily followed by exponential price growth - and quite predictably at that.

This Wikifolio will be actively managed to favorably shift between blockchain Networks based on macro factors and TA with the aim to outperform pure HODL strategies. show more

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