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Trading Idea

This Wikifolio is aimed at vegans and ecological activists.

The aim is to let your money work for a positive impact:
facilitating access to education
allowing the hearing-impaired to reclaim their hearing
enabling reuse in circular economy

Sustainability criteria for all asset classes:
low ecological footprint incl. CO2 and methane gas emissions
speed of alignment to changing consumer preferences
statements of PeTA and Greenpeace
ESG ratings by multiple agencies
renewable energy share
recycled material share
culture of innovation
whole food share
animal welfare
leaping bunny

Other criteria:
market capitalization
EBIT margin greater than 2%
past performance of stock price
positive average net profit in the past 4 quarters
positive or mostly unchanged derivative of latest reported net profit

Preferred countries of investment are Germany, US, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands and France.

Preferred sectors are recycling, water, whole food, cycling, medical equipment, IT and education.

Mostly avoided as much as possible are:
child labour
factory farming
hazardous materials
nuclear energy production
animal cruelty, testing and slaughtering
scandals, corruption, bribery, law violations
exploitation of protected natural resources like areas in the Amazon rain forest protected by IBAMA

Companies in the Wikifolio and all of their suppliers need to have structures established to facilitate meeting all SDGs quickly and to avoid:
conflict materials
coal-fired & radioactive waste, which has to be stored for a long time
marine fuel used to trade supply and produce via conventional container ships
gasoline and diesel used by combustion engines of cars, tractors, other vehicles and machinery show more

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