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Trading Idea

Background and philosophy:

I have no professional background at all. I did not study finance, investments or anything like that. The idea was to make reliable steady annual profits with a few more risky small caps and a good amount of big players with dividends across most fields. I read five or six investment books and I am a big fan of Warren Buffet and long term investments.
For me the most important thing is to understand the companies and their products. That's why I haven't invested in any of the big banks for example. Their philosophy is to obscure to me, but that's just my opinion.
I also don't like short term trades, hyped stocks from forums like Reddit etc. and the big players that have no fundamental value like Tesla, Gamestop or Coinbase for example.

To be more specific:
I am very interested in technology and renewable energy. That's why this portfolio has a lot of those players. You can also find european real estate companies, and pharma. It is not completed yet, and probably never will be.
As you might be able to tell, there are a lot of german stocks. I am German. What a surprise! show more

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