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Trading Idea

The offensive strategy of €uro am Sonntag of the Münchner Finanzen Verlag is to primarily invest in promising second-line stocks. In some cases, DAX stock, high-growth foreign stocks or ETFs can be admixed. The primary objective is always a positive annual return. The second objective is to do better than the overall market.

In selecting stocks, many different aspects may play a role: The valuation of a stock, special situations such as turnaround speculations or takeover rumors, chart technical arguments or exclusive valuations by the editors. In general, an attempt is made to minimize the risk despite the offensive orientation.

All securities in the portfolio are to be weighted similarly when buying; however, weighting shifts which are not automatically or regularly adjusted can arise from price movements. There is no demand for market capitalization or index inclusion. The aim is to keep at least 10 titles in the portfolio. A ficed investment horizon does not exist. show more
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