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Trading Idea

* klassischer technischer Handelsansatz
* Momentum Strategie
* Long/Short Multi Asset Portfolio (Indizes, Währungen, Rohstoffe, Zinsen etc.)
* festes Risk & Money Management (pro Trade als auch bzgl. des gesamten Portfolio)
* vor Eröffnung einer Position fester Stop sowie Take Profits
* es werden überwiegend Derivate gehandelt
* KEINE Penny Stocks. Ausschließlich hoch liquide Titel (Underlying/Basiswert)
* Anlagehorizont des Investors >2 Jahre

Der Markt hat immer Recht:

1.) If you’re bullish on a stock, and it is falling, you’re wrong in your opinion of that stock (or, as forecasters sometimes like to say, “early”).

2.) If you are short on the stock and it is rising, you’re wrong again.

3.) The market gives us a daily report card.

4.) Analysts sometimes say that a market is rising or falling for the wrong reasons (usually when the analyst has been wrong on the stock’s direction).

5.)There’s no such thing as a market moving for the wrong reasons. The market is always right.

6.) It’s up to us to get in sync with it.

7.) I’ve been told a few times in my career that I was right, but for the wrong reasons - usually by someone who was wrong for the right reasons.

8.) I’d rather be right for the wrong reasons than wrong for the right reasons any day. How about you?

(by John J.Murphy - The Visual Investor)

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