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Trading Idea

The Blockchain Tech Portfolio (WFBLOKTECH) seeks long-term growth from investing in companies linked to Blockchain technology use, application and development. Blockchain is a new and one of the most disruptive technologies in the world. It allows for a recorded immutable decentralized digital ledger of all types of transactions distributed on a network without the need of intermediaries. Blockchain has potential applications in many industries by facilitating them to provide new type of services and to innovate the way they function, provide and deliver services and goods to consumers. Although Blockchain is best known for its use for cryptocurrencies, it can be applied in a wide range of industries and business applications such as finance, supply chain management, private data protection, land registry, real estate, social networks, insurance, healthcare.

Blockchain Tech Portfolio aims to cover the whole spectrum of Blockchain through a systematic screening of best investment options in:
• Companies involved (as main or secondary activity) in business generating earnings from Blockchain use and development of Blockchain applications
• Companies benefiting from growth of cryptocurrencies
• Securities tracking cryptocurrencies
• ETFs and funds investing in Blockchain companies

Because Blockchain is a new technology its use in real business applications is under development in many industries and sectors. For this reason the growth and the benefits from this technology is expected to be materialized in medium to long-term horizon when business applications become implemented in full scale in practice. Given its innovative nature and because being a nascent technology, the Blockchain Tech Portfolio is expected to provide high growth in medium to long-term but at the same time it might experience high short-term fluctuations.
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