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Trading Idea

In the wikifolio “Sustainable Dividend Stars”, investments are to be made in companies and ETFs that have both a certain growth potential and also exhibit a sustainable profitability which is also paid out on a consistent and sustainable basis. This means that the dividend return is to be a very important investment criterion in this wikifolio.
No investments, however, are to be made in companies that have a high dividend return but whose business model will be highly questionable in the future.

The companies may come from all industries and countries where future prospects are good. In addition, a healthy mix of small caps and blue chips is aimed at.
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Philipp Haas
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Hier findet man noch den Wikifolio Jahresrückblick 2019 mit Betrachtung der langfristigen Performance: 

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Ich habe nicht nur ein Wikifoilio, sondern 7, die sich alle nicht verstecken müssen. In dem Video werden die Unterschiede der Strategie kurz erklärt:

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