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Trading Idea

MonsfortCrypto aims at giving investors an exposure to cryptoassets, while at the same time trying to limit the volatility inherent in this new investment class. It will be tried to achieve this by allocating roughly 70% to cryptoassets and 30% to a small number of more traditional holdings.

CRYPTO segment:
It will be tried to have between around 10 to 70% of the wikifolio allocated to cryptoassets at all times. These can be cryptocurrencies and/or tokenised assets. A certain degree of market timing thus might result and, in turn, there might be times, when the crypto segment will not be fully invested up to 70%. The positions themselves will be subject to the range of crypto investment vehicles available on and can be modelled (but do not have to be) as an approximation of the general cryptoasset or -currency market distribution.

BACKBONE segment:
This segment is planned to consist of 3 roughly equally-weighted portions. The first should target physical gold investments, usually by using ETCs and similar investment vehicles. The second should have approximately equal amounts exposed to physical silver and to commodities. The third part is projected to consist of an exposure to shares. These should be allowed to be held as single share positions, funds, or ETFs. Also, mixed-asset funds could be used to some extent, thus allowing for a certain inclusion of bonds. Generally, these share positions are planned to revolve around the themes of digital technology (with a fintech bias) and ecological/ethical investments.

Trading can be done at all times, but should be oriented at roughly maintaining the 70/30 distribution during times without expected drawdowns. However, in the most reduced possible allocation, the crypto segment could be downsized to about 10% in cryptoassets and the backbone segment to roughly 10% in physical gold. The wikifolio is planned to work with a mid- to long-term horizon. Research will be done using generally available sources. show more

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