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Trading Idea

Stocks are to be bought which correlate as little as possible with the large markets and have a very good management (family businesses or businesses guided by the founder are welcome) and sustainable business model and a strong competitive edge.

The goal here is a return of 5–15% per year at the lowest possible volatility and a long-term holding period.
Ideally, the companies can grow with relatively little capital investment and competition and have a strong brand and products that are continually in demand, and there are no suitable alternatives in the minds of consumers. The future prospects of the market should be positive and there should be as few price controls as possible.
In exceptional cases, ETF securities may be resorted to. show more
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Philipp Haas
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Comment on QUDIAN INC. ADR/1

Sehr gute Zahlen bei Qudian die über den Erwartungen lagen. KGV jetzt bei 3 bei diesem Fintechplayer!

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