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Trading Idea

The basis aim in this Global Stock Picking wikifolio is to make investments in Global securities. I follow especially the American, German and Norwegian markets. It is planned to invest in stocks with low P/E, high dividends and strong growth. Since it is difficult to fulfill all these characteristics, I pick stocks on my own analysis. These analyses are mainly based on fundamental data. The quarterly reports from the companies I invest in are the basis; additional will I use several websites, e.g. to check charts and key performance indicators. I follow also several podcasts as Bloomberg, FAZ, E24, Finansavisen etc.

It is intended to split my investments by time. I had some bad experiences with “one shot”-investments. Further it is planned to hold the individual positions on a long-term-basis. My preferred holding-period is forever 😉
My aim is also to limit the number of securities, so that I can follow each security carefully. A number between ten and twenty securities will be an upper limit for me, as long as this wikifolio is just a hobby. The limitation of numbers of securities will force me to replace some securities evenly.

In periods with a lot of uncertainty it is planned to hold a big share of cash in my wikifolio. The cash will give possibilities to gain a higher returns later.
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