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This Wikifolio shall pursue a longterm value approach by investing mainly in Asian stocks. ETFs and stocks from other regions might be added, e.g. companies with turnover contributions from Asia. Blue caps as well as medium and small sized enterprises shall be considered. The selection process shall primarily consider fundamental valuation criteria. Apart from the common indicators such as PE (price earnings ratio), PS (price sales ratio), PB (price book ratio), PCF (price cash-flow ratio), also other criteria shall be considered, which refer to history data as well as future outlook estimations, e.g. turnover growth as well as earnings and cashflow developments. Another relevant criterion shall be the financial statement (balance sheet) especially the debt coverage. Also factors such as dividend policy of the company and progress in its business development shall be considered, using the companies’ annual reports as one source of information among others.
Since a longterm approach is pursued, so the holding period of any equity can be several years. In addition to the fundamental criteria, stock price trends can be considered. Besides stocks, depending on the market conditions also other financial products including ETPs, funds, certificates and options could be considered in the investment universe, as long as it could serve the longterm approach. Main focus shall be on stock investment. In special market phases, cash reserve could go up to 100%. The quantity of stocks in this wikifolio is neither limited to the lower nor to the upper side, while the target is that each single item value shall not exceed 10% of total holdings. mehr anzeigen
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Since the majority of companies either being traded above the fair value or not fulfilling the quality requirements, so we keep on looking carefully for high quality companies whose stocks are traded undervalued with sufficient safety buffer and good future outlooks.

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