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Trading Idea

The wikifolio should mostly consist of equity values from the five areas:

- Automotive
- Energy
- Finance
- Healthcare
- Retail

These sectors are characterised by technological change and bear enormous potential for future cost reductions and market growth. These risks are excessively represented in the share price of the selected securities, resulting in an attractive risk-adjusted return. To capitalise on the described market developments, the wikifolio intends to invest primarily in bluechip companies during times of high volatility but also intends to take advantage of opportunistic investments whenever reasonable.
The wikifolio takes a comprehensive look at the described sectors and selects the respective equity values based on a fundamental analyses thus making sure that the expected future growth is backed by sufficient data.
Additionally, the wikifolio seeks to minimise risk by investing across the described sectors, which traditionally have a low correlation to each other. To maximise the risk-adjusted return, the wikifolio intends to invest globally. As decent investment opportunities may be difficult to find, ETFs could be used to achieve sufficient exposure to these markets. show more
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Pascal Görlinger
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