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Trading Idea

Wisdom Capital – Professional Trading.

The focus of this wikifolio is primarily on the European and North American stock markets.

The following trading approaches are taken:

1. News situation
2. Chart techniques (such as outbreaks, trend curves, momentum, bottom and top formations)
3. Countercyclical trading after larger movements
4. Fundamental assessments
5. Special situations

The above-mentioned points – individually or in combination – may be the trigger for an investment decision.

Depending on the trading approach, the individual transactions may be fast day trades which are closed on the same day after a holding period of a few minutes/hours.
With swing trades, the holding period may vary between a few days, several weeks and even months.

The investor thus has the opportunity to benefit from the trading decisions of a professional trader.

Note on risk / Disclaimer:
The instruments referred to herein neither constitute investment advice, nor an invitation to buy or sell securities.
Securities, especially stocks, second-line stocks and derivatives may be subject to considerable volatility.
This can lead to substantial losses in some cases.
No liability is assumed for resulting losses.

In addition, please note that I can personally hold and also dissolve positions in the respective classes at any time. show more
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