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Trading Idea

The name is its own program. A trading brokerage account to take advantage of short-term fluctuations in the market. The holding period is rather short, i.e. about one day to a few weeks. According to my experience of over 14 years, the trading system is very stable and should be profitable irrespective of the respective market phases. The goal is a permanent “outperformance” of the overall market, with very shallow draw-down phases. I reserve the right to access the full spectrum of investments. show more
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Lars Erichsen
Registered since 2012-04-27

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  • Technical analysis
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Das Jahr wird auf einem neuen Allzeithoch beendet. Auch weiterhin werde ich meine Energie eher in die Kombination aus Depotzuwachs und flachen Draw-Downs investieren, statt jede einzelne Transaktion zu kommentieren. Ich wünsche Euch einen gesunden und frohen Start in das neue Jahr! Liebe Grüße, Lars Erichsen show more
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