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Trade Idea

We cannot beat the market. We cannot mate the market. We can only dance with it in the best way we can. We can bond with it and we can flirt.

My strategy is to follow. To participate. To learn. I don't chase, I wait until it comes to me. And when it happens I take the wave and ride until it is gone. After that I look for the next one. There will always be opportunities. show more
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I have been trading for 15 years, but what I have learnt in the last three years is what I use today. Learning in the hard way, I finally understood that the only thing I had to do is to follow. As simple as possible and as consistence as it can be. No fight, no anger, no disappointment. Just dance with the reality now. I have no firm money management, no firm trading size because I don't trade my wallet, I trade the moment - if I see an indication of a strong trend, I invest more. If it looks week, I invest less. I keep it simple. I don't act, I react. I react to my indicators' data with the least emotion I can.

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