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Trading Idea

The investment strategy focuses on special situations (extraordinary situations), divided into the following categories:

1) Takeover candidates
2) Squeeze-out candidates
3) Special events (court dates, decisions concerning drug approvals, changing
legislation, special weather conditions, etc.)
4) Special dividends
5) Special price trends through entry and exit of major shareholders or capital measures
6) Expected profit jumps that have not yet been priced in by the market
7) Revaluations thanks to forthcoming major contracts
8) Revaluations because of incorporation of highly lucrative business parts, reverse takeover, etc.
9) Extreme undervaluations of German equities compared to foreign competitors
10) Particularly stable business models (especially relevant in times of crisis)
11) Upcoming index inclusions
12) Special technical constellations

Investment universe: Equities worldwide, focus on small cap equities Germany, the equity quota can vary between 0 and 100%.

Holding period of individual items: a few hours/days up to several months

Character: speculative to risk-conscious

Goals of the investment strategy:
• Excess return compared to the overall market (outperformance)
• Positive return independent of the performance of the overall market (absolute return)

Disclosure pursuant to §34b WpHG [Section 34b German Securities Trading Act] due to potential conflicts of interest: I am personally regularly invested in the securities contained in the investment universe.

I personally own certificates in the wikifolio “special situations”.

Tips on trading this wikifolio: During the Xetra trading hours, specifically between just after 9:00 am and shortly before 5:30 pm, the difference between the buying and selling price (bid-ask spread) is the lowest. During this time, you get the best prices. At the time of the Xetra midday auction (between 1:00 and 1:15 pm), the spread is slightly increased. show more
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