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Trading Idea

The wikifolio should consist of a mixture of safe dividend stocks, fundamentally undervalued stocks with chances of a turnaround and to a small extent also of small caps with strong growth potential.
The stock assets, especially the turnaround candidates, should generally be held for 6–12 months in order to then be replaced by a new candidate in case of successful turnaround.
In my opinion, the most important thing in investments is a good chance-risk ratio from a fundamental perspective.
This should be determined by an algorithm I developed, which is intended to reflect the substance and “inner” value of a stock – which is why stocks that deviate as much as possible from their intrinsic value and may therefore develop positively from a value perspective based on my analysis are to be included here.
The plan is to mainly rely on securities from Germany and the EU and to invest only in stocks. show more
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Simon Weishar
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