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Kurt Hanselmann
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Trading Idea

A combination of different concepts: Value investing and taking advantage of rare market opportunities in combination with a rule-based investment strategy.
- 50% Opportunity Trading
[5-10 Stock Positions, max. 15%]
- 50% Value Investing
[Stock Positions: 5x5%, 10x2.5%]
- Rule-based Investment Strategy: identification of Bullish, Neutral or Bearish Markets lead to different investment percentages. From 100% Investment in a Bull Market to taking ad-vantages of a possible Bear Market.

Potentially using the whole universe of Investment products. The main strategy is to only look for Investments that seam to be undervalued. Holding positions until fair value is reached. The goal is it to combine personal experience with a rule-based approach.

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Kurt Hanselmann
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Decision making

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Other analysis



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