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Trading Idea

Software companies listing on US exchanges report a negative EBITDA trend in the first quarters/years until they reach a critical market scope. An investor investing in shares of newly listed software companies would fall into long growth traps and strong drawdowns in early reporting periods after an IPO. CDRI SOFTWARE BREAKOUT INDEX applies fundamental selection criteria for all US listed software companies between $1b and $5b market cap. The criteria aim to identify a breakout in the financials on revenue and EBITDA levels. We assume that stock prices are forward looking for closely watched stocks such as large caps stocks, nonetheless, the market acts in a different way when it comes to Small Caps ventures. The lagging effect between a breakout in financials and in the stock price for small cap software companies allows an investor to gain from the stock price movement in subsequent quarters after reporting. The index constituents are rebalanced on annual basis based on the applied selection criteria. The index includes at least 30 constituents with equal weighting listed on US exchanges under the industry classification 'Software and Services'. show more

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