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Trading Idea

High risk, late stage startups to conservative long term players in the Cloud Computing/Applications (Iaas/PaaS/SaaS) and companies owning and developing or owning artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies which could generate long term value.

To get a rather balanced asset allocation this wikifolio should invest in a mix of blue chip stocks and alternative companies which, from my point of view, have growth potential.

This wikifolio will most likely see a high volatility and is looking for mainly long term gains.

The investment horizon should be predominantly long-term.

As a basis for the investment decisions the market sentiment of the relevant companies, viability, innovation and scalability of the offered products and services compared with their competitors as well as the maturity and room for long term scale of the markets the companies operate in should be taken into consideration.

To validate the decisions the relative strength of the investments should be considered. show more

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Thorsten Koch
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