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Trade Idea

Our team is dividend in 8 sectors namely Materials, Financials, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Industrials, Tech, Telecommunications and Utilities. Therefore, we invest in the above mentioned sectors. Currently, we do not under or overweight any sector but equally-weight our stocks. In order to find potential investment ideas, we use mainly fundamental analyses however, technical analyses is also a part of our portfolio construction. We are long-term oriented and more risk-averse then risk-loving. That is also why we like to invest in stable companies which have a strong track record. show more
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Registered since 2018-06-20
We are 23 highly motivated Bachelor and Master students who are keen to construct a portfolio which generates outperformance in the investment horizon of North America and Europe. Our team is divided in 8 sectors consisting of 2 to 3 students. Our biggest strength is our very diverse background because we all have different work experience or gained intense experience regarding portfolio management, valuation and equity research during our studies.

Decision making

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