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Trading Idea

Mainly German standard and small cap equities are to be traded. Should trading opportunities arise with European or US equities, individual trades could be implemented here as well.

Basis for decisions is to be the chart on the one hand, the overall market situation, state of sentiments and any company news on the other hand. In some cases, leveraged ETFs are to be used to as well in order to implement short options if good setups arise, e.g. in the case of massive exaggerations.

The primary trend should always be traded on, in the case of exaggerations one may also trade against the trend in the short term.

These equities are to be held between one and several days, in exceptional cases also for several weeks. Greater losses in individual positions are to be avoided, hence no “sitting out of losses” will take place.

There is to be no buy and hold so as to always be able to act flexibly, even in strongly fluctuating markets. show more
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Michael Flender
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