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Trading Idea

Our overall goal is to outperform the MSCI World Index by 2% in the time period from the first buy order in our portfolio until the closure of markets on May 31st 2020.

We want to achieve this goal by mixing active with passive investing: We will invest 20% as a base investment into passive index-related financial instruments.

Given the unconventional circumstances we believe that the current market situation requires an active trading strategy which deviates from investment strategies used under normal market conditions. With these strategies we want to focus on single stock picking on the one side and exploit current market discrepancies with derivatives on the other side. We will invest at least 60% in these active trading strategies.

In order to be able to react to changes in the market situation we will hold a considerable cash position as a cushion as we see fit. Therefore, the remaining 20% will be allocated in one of the before mentioned strategies (including cash).

We will use an unrestricted investment universe. show more

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