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Trading Idea

This is the second version of "Somewhat better than DUCKS". In previous version I did beat the DAX but I traded pretty frequently, which is time consuming. Now I am going to do the same in lazy mode, committing the trades just occasionally.
I will run this wikifolio exclusively for educational purposes, showing that one can beat a stock index (DAX in my case) merely by clever and still non-cumbersome stock selection. To make the comparison fair I will try to keep the most of capital in DAX stocks. However, I will take a liberty to invest a minor wealth part in non-DAX stocks, liquid commodities and bonds. Finally, also a lazy investor should take care about a proper diversification.
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Vasily Nekrasov
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Deutsche Bank verkauft DWS, so verkaufe ich die Deutsche Bank :) show more


Addionally: 1) Some good American companies 2) Samsung (yes, IMO their products are better than Apple’s, let alone Samsung is almost twice cheaper in the sense of P/E). And Telefonica (Buffett says, buy stocks when they shoot in the street). 3) Wheat and Coffee are at historically low prices, mean reversion is not improbable 4) The same holds to some extent for gold and silver, additionally, they are good for the case of crisis 5) EUR short / USD long – come’n Mr. Market, don’t you notice the election results in Germany and what is going in Spain?! 6) Oil short (good chances per se, additionally adds some market-neutrality to the portfolio) 7) 10% in Cash show more
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