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Trading Idea

The Digital Future Hot Stock Portfolio is going to include International Tech Stocks, not leveraged, from company's that are forming the future of our World. Therefore, an important factor is a fair value of each share, as well as a steady high increase in revenue and profit.

Companies in our portfolio show high levels of growth and have in general a positive cash flow and create a profit. However, possibly there might be some exceptions if companies have a great future perspective and are working to become profit. Stocks will be held long term so long the perspective is clear. Furthermore, the Portfolio will never contain more than 15 companies, since only the best of the best companies should be included.

A criteria for this portfolio are high growth rates. Most companies are also smaller unknown companies, which have great chances to shape the future. The companies will come from all around the world, however it will be specialized on China, India and the US, since they are the major nations for the digital future.

With Digital Future I mean A.I, Drones, Mobile Payment, autonomous driving cars, Robots, Industry 4.0, Cloud and 3D Printing. show more
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