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Trading Idea

My wikifolio "Only Upwards" is going to trade the stocks of the companies in growing markets.

The strategy is expected to apply quite a reasonable risk (within the range of 0.8-2.0 in relation to an average Eurostoxx 50 share) and this relevant appropriate risk from time to time will be thoroughly diversified amongst many stocks in my profitable portfolio. The maximal possible drawdown must not exceed 15-25%, whereas the expected annual profit is going to be in the range of +90%..150+%.

Investment universe: it is intended to invest in all kinds of stocks.

Trading criteria: there is sometimes a little bit increased risk with a strong emphasis on individual stocks.

Risk minimization: for this purpose, I am going to diversify the risks by investing in many stocks of absolutely different industries (sectors) of the economy.

Holding time: medium to long term. show more

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