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Trading Idea

This wikifolio is about already successful and and growing companies with high potential to grow even bigger one the next decades and staying in the market with their innovative approaches to business. These companies have already set milestones in their branches and have the best future in front of them. The best stocks from various areas are in this wikifolio.

From the most promising companies in Biotech, for example Gilead Sciences or the current leader in electric vehicles Tesla over leaders in 3D printing as 3D Systems, it is verified over the future technologies of the world. Strong overall performers who will still grow as Alphabet or Amazon are also involved for a strong balanced portfolio with high and secure growth potential.

Stocks will be tracked quarterly to see performance and current status of the companies to make adjustments where necessary. Regular comparison of competitors will also take place to make sure we are rolling with the best.

Apart from technical analysis to enter stocks at the best moment and the quarterly reports, we will take into account how the company is improving by new products, environmental aspects, investments, reputation and long term ideas. show more

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