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Trading Idea

The purpose of this wikifolio is to give trading ideas about stocks, ETF and Fund securities. It all starts with Fundamental Analysis. If the information about the instrument is solid and matches certain criteria, Technical Analysis comes. It is applied by mainly concentrating on Price Action. In particular, defining Support/Resistance Levels based on Order Blocks and Fibonacci Levels, then determining the Trading Range while also going along with Trend is the main strategy. On the otherhand, the main idea is understanding the Liquidity Pools and the reason of their existence by exploring where they are placed. Volume(OBV), Momentum(RSI) and Volatility(ATR) confirmations via indicators comes later as a side strategy. After determining the boundaries of the entry by both Technical & Fundamental Analysis that is mentioned, the well-known but underutilized Risk Management comes. The proper Position Sizing with an healthy Risk and Leverage comes first. After that Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels of the trade are determined. If the Risk/Reward rate is appropriate, limit positions are placed. And here is, the Swing Trading. show more

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