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Trading Idea

My Portfolio is mainly based on American Stocks, and some European stocks as well. Primary Focus is small to mid-cap stocks. Stock picking is I use A.Group analysis system to evaluate companies on multiple dimensions.

Investment process
The investment timeframe should be from mid to long term. Stock picking is mainly based on A.Group analysis system, where we analyse companies based on liquidity, future growth, assets, cash flows, capital consumption and the current price of the stock.
Apart from that, I use the volume profile analysis to identify the best entry and exit points to increase the accuracy of my trades.
The portfolio will be monitored on a daily basis.
The size of the position I put on each stock is based on how the company score on my system, in order to increase profits and reduce losses. The portfolio will have cash 15%-25% prepared for other trading opportunities as well. show more

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Abubakr Mohamed
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