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Trade Idea

I have two main pillars in my trading plan.

The first one is seeing diversification as a risk. Too much diversification forces the trader or to come up with multiple ideas instead of just one or two good ones, essentially multiplying the work required tenfold while also possibly forcing the trader to do mediocre trades to seem well diversified but really only just reducing the profits. Therefore I will try to have maximum of 4 trades open at any given moment.

The second one is when trading short term, only trade on companies with stable long-term outlook too. That means that I will, for example, try my best to avoid trades in companies whose fundamentals are terrible but have some catalyst (like a new product launch in an otherwise dying technology company) with possible short-term profits.

These pillars are used in addition to all different kinds of analysis methods that can vary on a sector to sector basis to construct an actively managed portfolio usually containing mostly stocks. show more
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Registered since 2017-03-15
I started investing and trading through interest in technology and Bitcoin. After Bitcoin I started to investigate and invest a little bit in technology stocks and learning about investing in general. Now I think the most interesting field is pharma and biotech in which I currently focus more.

Decision making

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Other analysis


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