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Trading Idea

Make money or make the world a better place?
Now you don't have to choose any more!
The Global Impact Portfolio Index will invest in companies solving the world’s greatest problems, while combining the best elements of passive and active stock investing.

This a great oportunity to acheive great returns on invesment:
-By 2050 our population will reach 9 Billion people! At current rates of consumption we will need 6 plant earths to sustain them if they all required the same resources as the United States! Companies that lead us to a sustainable economy will be greatly rewarded by the free market.
- Developed Governments spend close to a quarter of their budget on healthcare - 70% of this going towards the treatment of chronic diseases, which are preventable with a healthy life style. Companies that promote a healthy lifestyle will be greatly rewarded as consumer preferences shift.
- Companies that find a way to create value for low income households and countries will access a vast underserved market that will only grow in the coming decades.

A group of companies whose business model contributes to solving a global problem across four themes will be selected.
The Themes:
Food & Water Security
(Sustainability of our food and water supply chain)
Green Economy
(Combat Climate Change; Zero Waste etc.)
Global Healthy Lifestyle
(Companies that promote a healthy lifestyle, both physical and mental. )
Equality & Inclusion
(Microfinance; Education; Dignified Sources of Income etc.)

Passive investing rules:
The fund will invest equally in the 25 most undervalued stocks in the selected group.
Rebalancing every three months
After the first six months, one stock will be exchanged for another every month (If the valuation ranking has changed)
The ranking of companies according to their value is carried out by averaging several value indicators, taking into account the company's growth rate (e.g. the PEG Ratio)

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