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Trading Idea

The portfolio “Megatrend Young Seniors” is to contain stocks of companies (including ETFs and ETC’s on commodities and also funds) which are assumed to profit above-average from global megatrends in the next 6 to 36 months, such as the increasing number of young seniors in Europe and America as well as in Asia in the future.
The focus of the selection with regards to the respective megatrends will be on the needs and habits of the Young 50s.

The following megatrends should be taken in consideration in the examination, analysis and linking approaches (numbering or complete list, see certificate/portfolio MEGATREND):
01 Demographic change / Silver Society / Growth world population / Urbanization
02 New mobility / smart logistics with respect to usage by seniors
03 Digital penetration of everyday life / Web 3.0 with respect to usage by seniors
06 Redesign of health systems / New syndromes / Target research in biotechnology
10 Education / Knowledge elites / Lifelong learning / IP without borders in terms of usage / Benefits through/for Seniors

The aim should be to benefit from these megatrends in the medium and long term and to achieve corresponding long-term and steady returns.
Approach: Only those who invest in securities that benefit from so-called long-term megatrends can, in my opinion, acquire and possibly increase value in a volatile environment.
Sources should be own analyzes on publicly available studies (energy, raw material consumption, political developments, technological developments, ...), use of cross linkages, scenario technique and self-created key figures.
A hedging of risks is not to be part of the portfolio.
The securities are to be held in accordance with the assumed disproportionate rise to the corresponding phase of the respective megatrend (6 to 36 months). In the event of special constellations derived from capital market analysis carried out concomitant to megatrend observation, short term decisions can be made as well and restructurings can take place in cash, too. show more
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