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Amid recession turmoil this strategy will try to make a return in any environment.
The strategy invests into long-term bond ETF, when stocks go down, and switches from bond ETF to stock ETF, when stock rises. Thus, strategy has two and the only investable asset classes: long-term bonds and stocks. This assets are negatively correlated: if stocks rise, bonds tend to go down and vice versa.
Bond investments are represented by high or investment grade government or corporate bond ETFs, stock investments by equity ETFs.
Portfolio's base currency is EUR. Investments may be denominated in EUR, GBP, CHF and other developed countries’ currencies.
Investment decisions on market timing and selection of a particular asset class and ETF are based on economic data and events, business cycles, market valuations, microeconomic outlook and technical analysis. Holding period of a particular ETF depends on market swings and ranges from several weeks to several month and years till the trend continues. Profit may be fixed periodically. Trade frequency: rare. Investment horizon: from short (1-3 yrs) to long-term (10+). Risk controls: positions controlled by stop-loss orders.

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