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Trading Idea

It is to be invested in commodity companies with a focus on gold and silver mines. Besides explorers, small, medium and large capitalized mines, streaming companies may also be acquired. The portfolio is to be supplemented by companies that provide the mines with the necessary infrastructure and equipment for the raw materials extraction.

The investment process should be structured bottom up and includes technical indicators in addition to fundamental analysis.

The return is to be achieved through positive business developments of the companies as well as M&A activities. In addition to the increase in value via stock price, regular disbursements by the companies in the form of dividends and special dividends are to be collected as well.

Only stocks are invested in. No derivative financial instruments are acquired.

The investment horizon is oriented towards medium to long term.

The word “Ausis” comes from Old Prussian and means “gold”.
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Hannes Zipfel
Registered since 2015-10-20

Decision making

  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Other analysis



Aktuelles Video in unserem YT-Kanal "Gold & Silber in der großen Reflation":  https://youtu.be/VbJFA77njcY

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Die Handelberkeit des Zertifikats zum Wikifolio ist momentan nicht gegeben, da der SPROTT PHYSICAL SILVER REG. TRUST UNITS O.N. CA85207K1075 aktuell wegen der Spannungen am phyischen Markt für Silber via L&S nicht handelbar ist.


Ich rechne in Kürze mit der Wiederaufnahme des Handels. Der Kurs des Wikifolios Ausis Gold & Silber Minen liegt momentan bei 116,2 (+16,2 Prozent).

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