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Trading Idea

Brands have a monetary value which can hardly be precisely assessed. In poorer market phases, they are often underestimated in my opinion because the focus is on short-term factors such as current quarterly payments, dividends, the current price performance and the general market trend. Precisely these facts should be seen as an opportunity in this wikifolio. Because in the long run such securities may often have the potential to increase profits or return to the profit zone. The basis for this may be, for example, customer trust and loyalty, brand competence, brand stability and loyalty, and positive customer experiences. In my opinion, not all of these factors always get taken into account in the price formation.

The wikifolio is to invest in individual securities. These should primarily be owners of known brands which are primarily directed to end consumers or enjoy a high level of recognition with them. Generally, a long-term holding period with the best possible return on investment (ROI) is aimed at. The focus should be on Europe and North America here, occasionally securities from Asia or other countries may be bought as well. When buying the corresponding stocks, this should, on principle, be done on a low price-book value ratio.

The following strategies are to be pursued when buying stocks:

1.) In weak market phases and in the event of sharp setbacks in prices, primarily stocks of well-known, strong brands should be acquired at relatively low prices. The company name does not always correspond to the brand name here and partly the brands belong to the stock corporations indirectly through subsidiaries. These are very often securities which are listed in known indexes such as the DAX, MDAX or Dow Jones.
2.) Regardless of the current market trend, relatively cheap stocks which are holders of relatively well-known brands (directly or indirectly through subsidiaries) should be researched all the time. Regular and stable payouts to shareholders could be an argument for the buy of a stock as well.
3.) A smaller, variable part (up to about 30%) of the wikifolio should be invested in higher risk positions. These may be companies with medium to high brand recognition which are estimated to be undervalued by me due to significant price slumps (profit warnings etc.) for example. No attention should be paid to current dividend payments with these positions which are riskier but also richer in opportunities in my opinion.

When buying stocks, I always plan to explain the related brands by comment if the company name does not match the brand name or one of the brand names.
All purchases should aim at long-term capital growth, i.e. sustainable growth, which is why most stocks should generally be kept over the medium to long term. In the event of significant price increases of individual held securities, profits are possibly taken as well.

I am concerned with the following questions before a buy of stocks for this wikifolio:
1.) Business model: Does the business model have a future, and is there potential for earning money in the segment or how is the potential for increasing profits? Are there any risks that margins might decrease in the short or long-term? To what degree does the business model depend on economic cycles?
2.) Competition: How is the company doing compared to the competition? Is there a crowding-out competition? Are there competing emerging companies in this segment?

Through various watchlists and automatic notifications, I plan to observe the prices of several stock corporations which qualify for a buy on a daily basis. In order to be able to use buy opportunities, I will make sure that I keep a sufficient amount of cash in certain market phases. Various indicators such as the price-book value ratio and the dividend return (past and expected) should also be considered when buying. show more
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Comment on MICROSOFT CORP. DL -,001

Im Zuge des angekündigten Verkaufes von US Werten, welche Dividenden bezahlen, habe ich nun auch Microsoft in diesem Portfolio veräußert. Gerne hätte ich den Wert noch länger gehalten, aber sehe aufgrund der fehlenden Dividenden Ausschüttung bei Wikifolios und dazu der mittlerweile höheren Bewertung keine andere Wahl.

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Leider bestehen von seitens Wikifolio bzw. Lang & Schwarz weiterhin und schon über einen längeren Zeitraum die Probleme, dass Dividenden von US Aktien den Wikifolios nicht mehr gutgeschrieben werden. Ich verkaufe deshalb nun sukzessive US-Aktien, welche signifikante Dividenden zahlen. Schade, dass es hier noch keine Lösung gab. Der US Markt ist allerdings ohnehin grundsätzlich hoch bewertet. Mit Apple habe ich einen ersten Wert verkauft, der Nahe seines ATH notiert und bei dem morgen das Ex Dividende Datum gewesen wäre. Ich hoffe weiterhin, dass es bald eine Lösung für das Problem gibt. Denn es ist schade, dass es somit wenig Sinn macht, Werte wie Apple, Alphabet oder Microsoft in den Wikifolios länger zu halten und man sich auf Aktien aus anderen Ländern konzentrieren muss.

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Beim Kauf zu Limited Brands gestern gab es ein technisches Problem beim Trading, die Order wurde zu einem höheren Wert ausgeführt als das eingestellt Limit. Da heute dann eine Rückabwicklung erfolgt ist, ist der eigentliche Kauf dann erst heute erfolgt. McDonalds habe ich soeben wegen dem Ex Termin am Montag temporär verkauft. show more

Comment on L BRANDS INC. DL-,50

Ich habe eine kleine Position Limited Brands in dieses Portfolio aufgenommen. Zum Unternehmen gehört die Vertriebsmarke Victoria's Secret. Mit Bath & Body Works gehört auch eine Parfümeriekette, welche vor allem in den USA Filialen betreibt, zum Konzern. show more
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