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Trading Idea

The premise of this wikifolio is to create investment returns with a view to be a full time investor and quit the day job within five to seven years’ time.

Investments in disruptive energy sources, i.e. lithium, vanadium and cobalt. Closely followed by technology and cannabis stocks. Most important of all, investments will need to provide capital growth consistent with the target of this wikifolio.

All securities are to be held for a minimum of 6 months but with an ideal target of 12 to 18 months before being reassessed.

All securities are monitored closely in case profits need to be taken or positions added to or material events warrant reassessment. Hence regular research is carried out on company announcements, competitors, outside influences such as world events which may or may not have an impact on holdings. This means online as well as offline media is looked at and scrutinised closely.

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