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Trading Idea

Investing in stocks on a mid term view (weeks-months).
Invest only if a stock is undervalued by minimum 30%, the management is great or an technical outbreak is coming according to fundamental news (so called pivotal news).
All possible assets can be traded, but the focus lies in high growth stocks with a disruptive and a high innovative business model.
Management interviews, annual general meetings, company publications, market publications, media coverage, external and internal analyst reports are considered among other sources to gain information in order to take decisions.
The goals of this portfolio are:
1. Achieve a return of 100-150% in the next 2 years.
2. Ride a trend as long as possible with a high attention on the money- and risk management.
3. Achieve high hit rates.
4. Recognize big movers early on.
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Alexander Mendelson
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