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Trading Idea

This is an absolute return fund with two parallel investment approaches.

First, initial investment of 70% of the funds for selecting blue chip stocks that are expected to come up with solutions to solve the pandemic in case of software solutions, medical support, communication, sanitary and financials.

Second, selecting risky stocks that took large losses during the crisis, but have strong fundamentals and are expected to have a good comeback. To have immediate liquidity for these opportunities money in swiss francs and gold reserves will be held.

The investment classes the fund will be actively participating are stocks, derivatives (futures and options for hedging purposes), gold and cash.

This is an absolute return fund aiming to achieve 15% annual return as we expect the pandemic to hold for this period of time.

Blue chip stocks from the first approach, that meet the mentioned criteria are expected to be held for a 1-Year Period.
Liquidity reserves will be used to achieve high short-term returns and can be bought and sold without any restrictions.

Sources that will be used for research are Thompson Reuters, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance as well as mainstream media.
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