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Trading Idea

Pegasus One follows a value approach. It aims at identifying undervalued stocks and, if possible, an event that is likely to unlock value. The trigger can be e.g. a technical/chart patterns showing positive momentum or/and a new product launch of the company and/or a restructuring story. The firms in the portfolio should have a valid product offering with a durable competitive advantage as expressed by solid existing or potential returns on invested capital.
The portfolio is largely US & Europe focused, but it is not limited to these markets - opportunities are to be found across all the world’s equity markets. Nor is there any sector focus, although a portfolio consisting e.g. of technology stocks only is highly improbable.
The goal of the strategy is to lower risk by selecting undervalued securities. Pegasus One shall keep portfolio turnover very low. The holding period of each investment varies but should be at least 1 year.
No active effort is made to manage volatility other than having some degree of diversification in terms of numbers of stocks. Ideally the portfolio holds 25-30 names, but a larger number of investments is possible. The primary goal is to achieve high returns by selecting mispriced securities and by lowering transaction costs to a minimum. show more

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