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Trading Idea

“Smart Diversity” is to stand for an effective merging of the entire stock investment universe of wikifolio. This is to be achieved on the basis of an objective and automated quantitative analysis of individual stocks which are weighted through an optimized portfolio allocation.
This means that even less well-known stocks can be discovered quickly and easily if they can demonstrate a stable trend. “Smart Diversity” thus distinguishes itself from subjective individual securities analyses which can only be applied to a small portion of the stock diversity available on wikifolio.

Strategy, technical process:
The efficiently created algorithm can automatically assign predefined factors to all stocks in the entire wikifolio stock universe. Subsequently, a ranking is to be compiled based on factor weightings. The best 10 to maximally 30 company stocks are to be bought subsequently and form the wikifolio until the next restructuring date, at which the same process is to be repeated.
The wikifolio “Smart Diversity” should be restructured at least 4 to maximally 8 times per year.

“Smart Diversity” is generally a diversified portfolio. This is to mean that the individual risk of the stocks can be significantly reduced while remaining exposed to the market risk.
Back tests have illustrated that the model behind “Smart Diversity” might have had a considerable risk/return ratio in the past (compared to stock indices such as the DAX and the MSCI World).
This way it should help the investor as a meaningful basis of their portfolio so they can participate in the global stock market. This implies a medium- to long-term investment horizon in order to be able to benefit from the features of the wikifolio which I consider convincing. show more
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