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Trading Idea

The wikifolio aim is to invest in the whole world according to each country Gross domestic product (GDP). The data for GDP is from the World Bank, sampled to keep only investable markets. In a nutshell, around 30% on the US, 30% on Europe and 30% on Asia (please note that this is a general indication and that the actual allocation may differ).

The wikifolio should exclusively be invested in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) which should match the following criteria:
- Major ETFs providers.
- Asset under Management (AuM) of the ETF above 500 million EUR.
- Physical replication (this means the ETF should buy the real shares).
- Automatic reinvestment of dividends (this means the ETF should reinvest the dividends in the shares instead of distributing them. This allows to save trading commissions).
- low cost ETFs (Total Expense Ratio should be below 0.20%. Tracking difference is also monitored).

The wikifolio will try to match as closely as possible the countries allocation as per GDP with a reasonable number of ETFs. This is done by using mathematics.

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