Corona Vaccine and Treatment

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Trading Idea

This wikifolio should be investing in companies, which are present in the health sector. Investments will also be made in companies that are developing vaccines and Treatments for solving humanitarian problems and crises in a diversified manner.
This wikifolio is focusing on companies in the world doing R&D to develop and license a vaccine for diseases and humanitarian problems.
My opinion is that the first medical company coming up with a working vaccine or any news about this might have significant performance increase.
However, my expectation is that all other companies also might get production licenses most likely. The reason for this is the high demand and therefore the high amount of needed production capacity.
Like any other pharmaceutical company, a vaccine producer that get licenses might make an abnormal high amount of sales, this might give their stocks a big performance plus.
Mainly stocks can be traded. However, ETF´s and funds can be part of the trading as well.
Investment-horizon is mainly long. No day trading.
Buying decision of companies is based on the business mission, research if they are involved in vaccine development (short term: corona vaccine, long term: any such vaccine kind). Also the companies are being analysed based on their balance sheets, financial strength and the way their business model works. show more
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Markus Full
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Performing some portfolio balancing. Will be selling half of the stock of Genmark Diagnostics, as well some of Hologic, Middleby, , perkinelmerand quidel. 

As AstraZeneca was perfomring a promising corona vaccine study, this stock will be included into the portfolio. After their current study had a little fallback, stock prices fell and is now a good point in time to include this stock into the idea of this portfolio. 

Looking forward to all the different effects that vaccine developments will have on stock market, but mainly on society of course. 

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Finally we can invest into this wikifolio idea! :) 

In the meantime, a performance of 28% was made. 

The TOP 5 Performance Contributors are: 

  1. Genmark Diagnostics (+242%)
  2. Quidel Corp (+147%)
  3. Hologic (+87%)
  4. Middleby Corp (+75,40)
  5. Perkinelmer Inc (+48%)

The good old home-bias stock Biontech also made +23% in this timeframe.


Looking forward to these companies helping us to recover from this crisis as a worldwide strenghtend society. And of course a strengthend porftolio :) 

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Still waiting on the emission. 

In the meantime, the approach of diversity among all bio-tech companies seems to be a good approach:

- all stocks are positive in the meantime

- especially Qidel Corp., and Genmark (+227%) outperformed the market quite siginficant. 


Also, Biontech got new funding by Singapur´s sovereign weatlh fund. 

The approach is still the same: Having a broad and diversified index of companies that are involved in solving this humanitary crisis by any means of bio-tech. Therefore there is no new trading as the investment horizon is long. 

Do you have any ideas and recommendations for other companies that needs to be included in this wikifolio?

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We mande it! We got the status investable! 

Thanks to all of you for your help.


While the race for the proper Corona vaccine is hopefully in progress and helping all of us out of this stiation, no matter of in terms of lockdown or Corona impact on companies, jobs and financial markets! 

There is only one step missing for you being able to invest: Need to take a call with wikifolio and then we are up and running together :) 

Stay tuned and especially healthy! 

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