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Trading Idea

This is a contrarian investment strategy on the precious metal commodity Uranium. As all resource commodities Uranium underlies deeply cyclical notions. Ranging from high of 137 $/Pound in 2011 (until Fukushima) to lows of 16$/Pounds in 2016. Uranium faced a 7 year bear market due to secondary supplies (e.g. from japan) flooding the market, cheap subsidised Kazakhstan supply and demand going offline. Today demand is higher than 2011 and raising mainly due to Japan, China and India, but also the USA. In China and India Uranium is seen beneficial due to cheap and non-polluting energy, in the US section 232 has been filled warning the president on shortage of supply for military and utilities, but the truely astonishing is todays supply side. The cheapest and largest producers on the market closed mines and uranium companies have declined by the magnitude of 10. That is the time when stocks raise by 10 fold and higher as in 2007. What companies do you want to pick: 1. Mining business is a people business: Look for proven track records in management and geological teams, 2. High grade assets puts mines into production 3. shallow assets make the bug. 4. The company must survive until prices are reasonable - no present production cost and/or underfeeding possibilities are beneficial. 5. A company in the US or at the Alpha Baska Basin

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