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Trading Idea

My strategy is combined from Technical and Fundamental data analysis. Then I use technical analysis, I am looking for a potentially good setups based on Price action analysis, Elliot waves analysis. While analysing fundamental data, I am looking first of all into macro economic data, overall market sentiment for the particular country and particular stock. After that, I analyse Dupont ROE, Altman ratios for the particular stock. Mostly looking to invest into companies whose may have big growth perspective, that usually means strong trends in charts. After I am enter into position, trying to take as much potential as possible from that trend. I trade mostly US, Europe and Australian companies equities. It depends on Macro economic context at the markets. Mostly keep positions for longer time frames - months, but sometimes if see logical reasons and changes - trying to react immediately and close positions earlier based on technical analysis. If see market conditions there are no long term trends, looking for more speculative, short term trading. It depends on situation on the market, but investment horizon should be as a rule longer term and relative to price action.

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Dainius Šilkaitis
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