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Trading Idea

This wikifolio should invest in stocks that, from my point of view, may have growth potential, that ideally should be supported by trends that can be found in charts. Regionally there shall be no strict focus, however I would tend to tendencially trade more US, European and Australian stocks.
The selection of stocks shall broadly be based on a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. Ideally I am looking for good setups based on chart formations (e.g. Elliot waves). For the fundamental analysis I generally would start by looking into macro-economic data (market sentiment, country analysis) and following that I would look into micro-economic data (Dupont ROE, Altman ratio)
The investment horizon shall in general be a more mid- to long-term oriented one. However if, from my point of view, there are logical reasons to make short term decisions, I would consider holding positions shorter. show more

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Dainius Šilkaitis
Registered since 2020-07-05

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