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Trading Idea

In this portfolio should some of the largest global and international brands, i.e. names, be represented. Generally the stocks included are based on U.S. brands, but it could also be possible to include brands from other regions of the world.

They can typically be picked on a long-term basis founded on a qualitative analysis of brands traded at international stock markets.

In my opinion, the popularity of the brand (and its financial value) could potentially provide a certain buffer when - in general slumps of the stock markets - the trust in those brands may make them sink less than other stocks. show more
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Dr. Christian Dindorf
Registered since 2012-08-19

Decision making

  • Fundamental analysis



Picked up outperforming Microsoft again after cashout from a wikifolio investor.

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Did some re-balancing of outperforming stocks like Apple and Microsoft etc.

Sold Tencent completely, as hardly any rise of stock prices could be determined. Total disappointment.

Bought Tesla as it now really has become a household name among vehicle manufacturers with a supposedly promising future.

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