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Trading Idea

My aim is to follow single trading ideas from, in my opinion the best, wikifolios.

Using a pool of about 10 very high-performing wikifolios, I will analyse their new trading ideas and suggestions daily, of which the best ones should be implemented in this wikifolio.

The publication status of wikifolios in my pool should be irrelevant and therefore the trading ideas of some not-investable ones could be considered as well.

The investment universe should cover stocks with a focus on Germany. If applicable, ETFs can also be traded for portfolio hedging.

The maximum risk per trade set by me should be limited to 20% of the deposit value. But usually not higher than 10%.

The investment horizon should be predominantly short term, with a duration of several days to a few weeks. But positions can also be held several months if they consist of fundamentally strong companies with a stable business mode or if are in a strong uptrend. show more
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Kai Gerlach
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trotz dem, auch meiner Meinung nach, recht gutem Newsflow heute durch Einstieg eines Großinvestors bei Optiopay, woran Auden etwa 10% hält, bleibt die Aktie weiterhin im Sell off Modus. Im Bereich 1,40 scheint mir eine von hohem Umsatz begleitete Unterstützung zu liegen. Sollte der Kurs unter 1,30 fallen werde ich die Position schließen. show more
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