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Trading Idea

We are swing trading undervalued high risk assets. Predominantly those are cryptos (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ...), mining stocks (Gold, Silver, ...) and high-yield equities (Tech Stocks, ...). But we're not limiting ourselves to be able to take advantage of any opportunities that might arise in times of turbulence and market turmoil.

Investment style: We mainly consider macroeconomic factors and market sentiment for our investment decisions, while making use of technical analysis to find good entry and exit points. We are contrarians at heart and will mercilessly go "against the herd" to maximise returns. The typical holding time of each of the assets is somewhere between three months and several years.

Profitability target: We're aiming for returns greater 20% in a typical year. Capital preservation in the short run is not paramount if it allows us to achieve stellar results within a 5 - 10 year timeframe.

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Robert Peloschek
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