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the investment strategy rely on a fundamental analysis of three areas that could impact the macro: economic activity, political risk, Central bank response. The rise of the robots in trading has certainly created major distortions but offers a huge opportunities for long term convergence of macro products to fundamental values. show more
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The market seem to become more immune to negative headlines especially after the Italian election and the US imposing the tariffs, and despite the resignation of Cohen the market is still proven to bounce which gives me more confidence that risk is going to trade well. I allocated 25% long to stocks and I still hold the strong USD view but trading the ranges more actively to cash in PNL. show more


Given the higher volatility, I am taking the extreme moves as an opportunity to cash in some PNL. While Strong USD continue to be the long term view, I am trading around the positions to monetise some PNL. Given the inverse relationship between stocks and USD, went long 20% of the portfolio in Eurostoxx. show more


Post the CPI the USD took a large hit causing gold to bounce by 3%, and oil bounced back up to 61.5 helped by the bullish data. Despite this move in the USD, I still hold the view that gold and oil are high and should go down hence why I added to the shorts I have. The overall portfolio has only 10% exposure long equities and 10% exposure long bonds which should make the systemic risk quite low and concentrate the alpha in the commodities. show more


going tactically long risk here in eurostoxx. show more
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