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Trading Idea

MonsfortMedia is aimed at creating an exposure to media stocks. In the light of „content is king“, these media positions should be seen as being largely active as content creators and owners of content rights.

Consequently, „classic“ media such as the film, publishing and journalistic industries, are planned to be the central focus. Beyond that, other content creating businesses could be considered. This includes, for example, the digital gaming industry, the advertising industry and the data gathering and processing industries. It is not planned to include businesses, which solely concentrate on the distribution of content generated and owned by others. Examples for this could be the telephone and computer industries, or some social media companies, which simply work with the input of third parties. Occasionally, there are hybrid companies supplying the media as well as generating the content; those will be considered, if the content generation forms an important part of their business.

While MonsfortMedia will try to find an allocation through a value-oriented process, the rapidly changing nature of this industry will, at times, also advise the consideration of growth stocks. Wherever possible, a particular emphasis should be put on dividends. The wikifolio should hold a relatively concentrated number of positions. It will be tried to not greatly exceed the number of 25 different positions. The holding periods for these are planned to be mid- to long-term. They should be fairly equally weighted over time. The research will mostly be done „bottom-up“, focusing on single companies; it is planned to hold good businesses for longer times irrespective of the general economic and market environments. It is not intended to utilise protective vehicles such as short positions; it might be considered to hold a larger cash position during times of stress or lack of investment choices. Research will be done using generally available sources, mainly through the internet. show more

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